10 Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love


We love our friends and what better way to thank them for standing by us through life, and on our wedding day, than with the perfect gift? With so many different gift ideas out there, here's a round-up of ten gifts your bridesmaids will love!

1. Personalized hanger.

Sometimes it's hard to gift a group of our besties because of everyone's different styles and tastes, but every girl is sure to love a personalized hanger for the big day. We have three different hanger options: natural wood + black calligraphy, natural wood + white calligraphy, or walnut + white calligraphy

2. Robe.

We see this trend all over social media, and for good reason! A robe for each of your bridesmaids is absolutely adorable in photos and they can use it at home after your wedding. Gifts that can be re-used a win in my book! Check out these pretty, floral robes from Love and Peony here.

3. Mug.

Everyone knows that coffee is essential to life. Okay, maybe that's the Lorelai Gilmore inside of me talking, but check out how cute would a mug be! Etsy has TONS of listings for personalized bridesmaid mugs.

4. Candles.

If you missed our DIY candles + free bridesmaid tags, click here! They might sound intimidating to make, but they're actually super easy. I love the idea of a DIY gift because it shows just how much you care.

5. Makeup Bag.

The Knot has these adorable, customizable makeup bags that are perfect for every girl. Toting around all your makeup can be a hard task, but these bags make it easier for your wedding day.

6. Bracelet.

Dainty jewelry is the way to go for a wedding. Rings are cute, but can be hard to buy for a group because of sizing, so a cute bracelet is a good alternative. This knot bracelet from Callie Jewelry's Etsy shop is super cute and a forever reminder of the day she stood beside you and helped you tie the knot.

Gold & White Monogram Ring Dish
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7. Monogrammed Ring Dish.

Back again with the practical gifts, a ring dish is a great gift for your bridesmaids! Gold + White are simple, yet elegant and look great on everyone's vanity or bedside table.

8. Keychain.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I love a good keychain! I'm not talking about the ones you get on vacation, I'm talking about these adorable keychains from Rifle Paper Co. 

9. Travel-sized lotion.

Maybe this one isn't as exciting as a new piece of jewelry or a monogrammed mug, but let's admit it: we all need lotion and we never have it with us. A cute travel sized lotion is a good gift for your bridesmaids because it prevents them from freaking out from not having any day-of the wedding, and it'll find a home in their purses. Hello, practical. 

10. Champagne Gummy Bears.

How can you not find these to be absolutely adorable? I've seen these champagne-infused gummy bears in gift shops, and your bridesmaids would love to seem them in a little gift bag. The packaging is just too cute!

There we have it! 10 super cute gifts for every bridesmaid. Even if you're not about the craft life and aren't so sure about making DIY candles, go check out the post anyway and download the two free options for bridesmaid tags!



Melissa Gullatte