5 Tips for Mailing Wedding Invitations


Let's face it, it's super easy to get caught up in the land of pretty paper, wax seals, and calligraphy, and forget to consider the "other stuff" aka, how to actually send wedding invitations through the mail. Lucky for you, we've rounded up 5 Tips for Mailing Wedding Invitations, so that you can make sure all of your wedding guests receive your invitations without problems.

1. Don't forget to factor postage costs into your budget. 

Budgeting for a wedding is super important, but be mindful at the start of it all with how much money you're allotting to invitations. It's one thing to pay for nice invitations, but then to take it to the post office and find out how much it actually costs can be surprising. That brings us to our next tip:

2. Take an assembled invitation to the post office and ask them to weigh it. 

Once you've assembled your invitations, take them to get weighed. This is the best way to figure out how much postage is going to end up costing you. For example, wax seals add weight to your invitations and will require additional postage. The post office will be able to give you a better estimate of that costs. If you're off a few cents, the invitations are more likely to be returned to you. Also, take them to more than one post office because they will often quote different prices. 

3. Make sure your return address is on the back.

Because different machines read addresses differently, you WILL have several wedding invitations returned to you.

4. Physically take your invitations into the post office; don't drop them in a mailbox outside.

Dropping mail into your mailbox really quickly before work is fine for everyday mail, but not for your wedding invitations! The weather can be unpredictable so in order to ensure that they won't get beat up, hand them directly to a post worker. 

5. Hand cancel your invitations. 

Don't miss this one!! If your invitations are run through the sorting machine, you will get big black marks all over your envelopes. If you hand cancel, they are sorted by hand. Some posts offices will hand cancel for you for a fee, while others will let you do it yourself onsite. 

Hopefully, these five tips for mailing your wedding invitations were super helpful! A lot of brides don't know about these post-office tricks, so be sure to spread the word to avoid any invitation mishaps!

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