5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Uniquely You! 

There are millions of ways to make your wedding the biggest success and the day of your dreams. But are they unique to you and your fiancé? Here are five exciting ways to make your wedding day ALL about you!

1.   Table Toppers

There are tons of ways to up your table décor game. You can easily keep it classy while incorporating your favorite memories from your dating years. You can include pictures, florals and greenery from your favorite adventure spots, or souvenirs from the best trip you ever went on together. When tied in, this creates a beautiful table top that could only be yours!


2.   Pre-Ceremony Cocktails: Spice up the time before you walk down the aisle by serving your guests cocktails that are uniquely you! Whether you choose to serve you or your finace’s favorite mixed drinks, or to concoct a cocktail that is named after you! What is a drink that the both of you always share? Your guests will love the flare a cocktail brings to the pre-ceremony wait, especially when the cocktail describes you and your fiancé perfectly. 


3. The First Dance Song: Instead of only choosing a sweet, romantic pop song to sway to during your first dance, you and your fiancé can make your first dance easy to remember by choosing a song that has defined your relationship. What song was playing when you cooked together for the first time? Or when he made you belly laugh? What was the soundtrack to the first “I Love You” you ever said to each other? Choosing a song from a similar moment will add a weight to your first dance that you won’t want to miss.  


4. Polaroid Guest Book: One of the hottest wedding trends right now is to have a polaroid guest book. Guests will take a polaroid picture, sign their names or write a sweet note, and stick it in your guest book. You and your significant other will love looking back at who attended your wedding, and polaroids are always in style. This trend is easy to pull off, requiring only a polaroid camera, a guest book, pens and a way to secure the photos in the book. Trust us, you will not want to miss out on the guest book of your dreams, and your guests will love posing for their picture!


5. YOUR INVITATION SUITE: Your invitations say a lot about your wedding, even before the big day. The Save-The-Date, formal wedding invitation and any other following cards are called the Invitation Suite, and it is important to make this unique to you and your fiancé. You’ll keep these cards forever, and wouldn’t it be fun to send off a personalized first impression of your wedding to all of your potential guests? The best part is, there are a million and ten different ways to design these invitations! 


Have any other unique ideas? comment below and let us know!

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Melissa Gullatte