Day-Of Wedding Calligraphy


Beyond having a stunning invitation suite, there are several ways you can incorporate calligraphy into your big day. We know there's a lot that goes into the day, but having signage alongside your florals, your decor can be helpful to your guests. Here are a few ideas for adding calligraphed touches to the different aspects of your wedding. 

We'd all be a little bit lost if we didn't have good signs everywhere we go and a wedding is no exception!  A welcome sign is a great way to invite in your guests to your ceremony or reception. You can do a lot of different things with a welcome sign, such as a custom crest or your names.


The Ceremony:

During the ceremony, guests love programs. While this may seem like it's becoming an antiquated tradition, programs are wonderful for several reasons. One of those reasons is to be polite to your guests and let them in on the order of the ceremony. Most ceremonies follow the same order, but it's nice to have the actual order instead of making your guests guess as to when things will happen.


Another added calligraphed touch to your ceremony is a bouquet ribbon. Having your favorite quote or Bible verse written in golden calligraphy adds a little something extra to your bouquet. Photographers also love having extra "props" when shooting a wedding and this ribbon is the perfect addition.


A unique idea is to have an interactive sign at your ceremony! Based on Ecclesiastes 4:12,  you and your love can tie a cord of three strands, representing the bond you make between yourselves and God. This sign becomes a beautiful reminder of the day.


When it's time to eat and be merry, you can relieve confusion by having table numbers and place cards, making sure that everyone gets their seat at the table. And when it's time to be served, it's nice to have a menu for each guest. If you're doing buffet-style, folded tent cards are great for labeling each dish or drink. 


'Reserved' signs and 'Bride + Groom' signs are also great to have! You don't want you or your family to be without a place to sit during the dinner. The best way to do that is to have a sign, of course!


That concludes this post! I hope you leave inspired to add more calligraphy to your wedding day. Looking for even more inspiration? Follow us on Pinterest! We love sharing new ideas for the big day.

Melissa Gullatte