Invitation Suite Dictionary


The world of wedding stationery can get confusing really fast, especially if you're not familiar with all of the wording. To help you out, we've compiled a list of words you may encounter during your search for your perfect wedding invitation suite. 

Invitation Suite - A suite includes your wedding invitation, save the dates, RSVP, detail card, programs, and more! Any paper products that include wedding details are considered part of the suite.

Save the Date - Your save the date card is, in a way, the first look at your wedding! These are sent to all guests with the date and location so that they can put it in their calendars.  Couples tend to choose a photo of them together, but sometimes decide not to and instead include a pretty watercolor of their venue or their crest. Save the dates are not considered formal invitations. Once it gets closer to the wedding, formal invitations are sent out.

Formal Invitation - It's easy to get confused, but a formal invitation is just a regular invitation! They are sent to every guest that received a save the date, along with an RSVP option. Invitations include information about the date, time, location, and names of the bride and groom, of course!

Formal Invitation

RSVP - 'RSVP' stands for répondez s'il vous plaît which is a French phrase requesting a confirmation of an invitation. When it comes to your big day, you're definitely going to want to know who all is going to be attending. RSVP's these days take many forms: traditional, postcard, and even online!


Website Card - Just about everyone has a wedding website these days! Websites are great for sharing photos and additional information about the wedding. A website card allows you to share that web address without trying to squeeze it in on your save the dates or invitations. 

Details Card - Detail cards aren't necessary for every wedding, but they can be helpful in multiple cases! If you are having a destination wedding, or if you have a lot of guests coming in from out of town, your details card can include information on hotels in the area. Your detail card can also include more information about your ceremony/reception venue.


Programs - We believe that every wedding should have programs! They come in many different forms, but the most classic is one page or a small booklet. Programs include the order of your ceremony and information about who is who in your wedding party.

Vow Books - When you decide to write your vows, what do you write them on? To avoid pulling out a few index cards, or a crumpled up piece of paper, use a vow book! These are a great way to share your personalized vows without looking frantic about reading them off of something less than elegant when you're at the altar.

Vow Books

Welcome Bag Insert - A newer trend that we're beginning to see, are welcome bag inserts! When your out-of-town guests arrive in their hotel rooms, more and more brides are welcoming them with welcome boxes. These boxes often include tri-fold inserts that are a great way to share the itinerary of your wedding weekend, as well as some of your local favorites. Keep an eye out for more examples of these coming soon!

Watercolor - Watercolor is a great way to add color into your invitations! They are hand drawn and digitally printed on paper.

Letterpress - Letterpress is a printing technique in which the words on your invitation are literally pressed into the paper. This adds a really unique touch to the invitation because your guests will be able to physically feel each word.

Foil Stamping - This technique is the same as letterpress, only instead of pressing the words into paper, a foil plate is used! Foil stamping gives your invitation that extra shine.


Monogram - If you're from the South, you don't need a definition on this one. A monogram is the best way to personalize your wedding invitations! A pretty monogram can be carried throughout every detail of the suite and the wedding. Brides tend to use either the first names of the bride and groom connected with an ampersand, or the first initial of their fiancé's last name. Read more about monograms from Southern Weddings here!


We hope these definitions helped you in your search for better understanding your wedding invitation suite! Did we miss anything? Leave a comment and let us know!