Semi-Custom vs. Custom Invitation Suites

Semi-Custom, Custom, what's the big difference? And how do I determine which one is right for me and my wedding? Here at Gracefully Made, you can order either one but you may be confused on what the difference is.

Semi-Custom Suites are suites that are already made. The only thing about them that changes are the wedding details! Your names, location, date, time, and ink color are exchanged from what you see in the online gallery to fit your wedding. The wording can also be changed up a bit depending on what you want it to say. By ordering a semi-custom suite, you are able to see how much it will cost right away. This makes your paper goods easy to be budgeted for! You can browse all of semi-custom suites below.

Custom Suites, on the other hand, allow you the freedom to have invitations that are completely unique! They are going to require more communication and drafts in order to make all your wedding paper dreams come true. Because they require a little more love, custom suites are most likely more expensive than semi-custom. Check out some of the gorgeous custom suites we've created below!

Now that I know the difference, how do I know which one is right for me? Start by asking yourself a few questions. We'll get you started with ten questions to ask yourself when deciding between a semi-custom or custom wedding invitations suite:

  1. Have I browsed all of the semi-custom suites yet?
  2. What is my budget?
  3. Do I have any ideas that I want to see?
  4. Is there a border I'd like to add or un-add?
  5. What is the style of my wedding?
  6. What kind of paper do I want my invitations printed on?
  7. What kind of crest do I like?
  8. Are there any special things I want to add?
  9. Like ribbon or a wax seal?
  10. Do I want to incorporate our venue?

We hope this information has been helpful to you! If you have any questions or would like to see more suites, follow along on Instagram or reach out to start creating!

Melissa Gullatte